Looking inside KASSANDRAS you will find a private space - occasionally public - a workshop, a studio, a hybrid vessel and a facilitator for various creative and architectural projects. Open Form, being an architectural theory initially established in the 70's by Polish architect Oskar Hansen, invites KASSANDRAS to open its doors and speak about its own approach to architecture, art, design, urbanism, technology, agriculture among others. KASSANDRAS welcomes you to an evening that reveals her inner workings. Speaking on behalf of the walls, will be performance and sound artist Yorgia Karidi. http://yorgiakaridi.tumblr.com/


4pm - Tour of the space & introduction to its processes
5pm - Sunset watching on the roof
6pm onwards - Open screening in the workshop
7pm - Performance by Yorgia Karidi
After - Palmer Brothers DJ Set

KASSANDRAS exists as a distinct and potential found space in the Athenian landscape of abandoned construction sites and derelict buildings. Located in the Votanikos district, it inhabits a skeletal concrete structure acting as a laboratory of research in architectural prototyping and experimentation. Made up of a workshop and a studio/event space, its top three floors lack most of their walls. An integrated approach to design and making is adopted, focusing on the development of design strategies and creative processes. KASSANDRAS deliberates on concepts of temporality and flux, proposing a long-term ephemeral architecture.

KASSANDRAS is a creation of its evolving environment. It occupies a single module in the urban space-frame topography of Athens and establishes a dialectic between a malleable formal typology and integrated social connectivity. The typical concrete space-frame, characterizing most Greek cities, is viewed as an ideal environment – a breeding ground – for contemporary multi-disciplinary experimentation and collaboration;
it is repeatable and distinctive; emblematic and discreet; rigid and transformable; a point of reference and a point of departure. It is a case-specific methodological playground.

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