Eva Giannakopoulou returned to Syntagma Square, a sociopolitical landmark and microcosm of Athens that has served as an integral part of her artistic practice and research for years. Through her performance and engagement with regular visitors of the square, curious passerby, as well as an open call to anyone who wished to commonly formulate the action, she aimed to activate the intersections between the public, the political, the personal and the collective, whilst filming how these spheres are shifting within a square that is constantly changing.


Eva Giannakopoulou, was born in Athens and grew up in Ithaca, Greece. She has lived in Naples, Barcelona and Istanbul and she is currently residing in-between Berlin and Athens where she works. Eva has performed and exhibited in museums, institutions, galleries, festivals, impromptu stages and other public or unconventional sites in Greece, Mexico, Germany, France, Turkey and Serbia including Material Art Fair (Mexico City, 2017), Benaki Museum, Athens (Equilibrists show, 2016), Athens Biennale 2015-2017 OMONOIA (2016), Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin (solo show, 2015), MPA-B, Berlin (2015 and 2014), Excentricités 3 and 6 Performance Festival, Besançon (2015 and 2012), Action Field KODRA, Thessaloniki (2012), 3rd Art Biennale MIET, Thessaloniki (2011). She has studied History of Art in Italy, Fine Arts in Greece and was recipient of IKY (State Scholarships Foundation) and Vikatos scholarships for her Masters "Space Strategies" at the Art Academy Weiβensee, Berlin, graduating in 2015 with honours under A. Creischer, A. Siekmann and K. Wildner.
She has co-curated and co-organised art projects and perfromative events, while in 2013-2014, she was a co-labourer of the MPA-B (Month of Performance Art, Berlin).
Eva was member of "Learning from Documenta" (2016-2017), a collaborative project of social scientists, art critics and artists critically observing the Documenta14 presence in Athens. She is part of TWIXTlab, a space operating in-between, art, anthropology and the everyday.

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