Athens Subsumption, identifying itself as Metaxication Inc., an established corporation in the field of tracing international flows of capital, will host a focus group discussion around subsumptive process embedded in ‘’touristification” of place. A "creator" of integrated communication between companies & institutions with the most efficient means and established reputation for always bringing the extra value to each project, we work together. As a productive cohort, we will expand upon our current practice to create marketable identities, enticing consumption of the exotic and in turn creating new-ideals for distribution through social media. Our work/performance/ presentation will evolve the fictional ‘end of tourism’ narrative we are now developing for a start-up launch in the island of Lefkada, Greece. Our goal is to harness the shifting power dynamics within the realms of identity, authenticity and visual representation(s). During this process we will share our practices weaving together and connecting threads through the places we have encountered along the way that shape our current trajectory.


Athens Subsumption, is a multidisciplinary group of scholars, artists and architects assembled in Athens in November 2014. Our aim is to trace the subsumption of place to reflect on the possibilities, stakes, and potential commons that may emerge by shifting the terrains of systemic financialized logics. The collective is co-building a generative practice of geographic interventions and interactions that are both playful and revealing. Fabricating, by combining social theory building with global economic trends, an integrated communication infrastructure between individuals and institutions with the most efficient means and established reputation for always bringing the extra value to each project. Our current practice harnesses the power dynamics within the realms of identity, authenticity, and visual representation(s).

Selected participations:
Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival, 2019, Thessaloniki
Wholy Spirit unLmtd, 2018, Tinos
Panteion University, 2018, Athens
Twixtlab, 2018, Athens
GameJam, Goethe Institute, 2017, Athens
The Island Resignified, 2017, Lefkada
Documenta 14, ASFA, 2017, Athens
Open Form, Grace, 2017, Athens
Communitism, Midterm and Identity Issues, 2016 and 2017, Athens
Athens School of Fine Arts-BBQ Performing utopia, 2016, Athens
Hybrid City III Data to the people, UOA, 2015, Athens
Athens Digital Arts Festival Public space_s, 2015, Athens
Transmediale Capture All, 2015, Berlin

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